This is the guy that told me to kill myself a few weeks ago via text. I let Heidi know that if he showed up there would be ramifications for him and public ramifications for her.

If he shows up I will put this blog on FaceBook and allow God to destroy her anyway He chooses to. It’s time that she does the right thing or God shall smite her in a way she knows nothing about.

Imagine everyone that she works with and all her old friends reading about all of her insanity and how she used me for money and pays a guy in a trailer park to have sex with her because she is worthless inside for a good man.

I guess only God knows what the future will hold, but it’s time to allow the chips to fall where they may!

Funny I know she is reading the blog again. Always stalking me like some pathetic loser who always has to destroy and never truly create anything of beauty or grace.

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