That or my conscious got the best of me. At lunch all I could think about was my kids, and how damaging it would be to my daughter if I left. Several people at school were concerned with me leaving. Although I’m not invited to a lot of things because of my age, I know a few like me around.

It’s not easy being this lost in San Diego. I think the farther I go down this path, the farther God will be there ahead of me. Maybe it’s just my crazy mind? Maybe it is truly His promises that I am starting to see happen in my life.

What I do know if that the last two times I tied to leave He wouldn’t let me. Maybe it’s His will I keep moving in the right direction? Maybe He has a plan for me and I just need to learn to forgive, forget, and move on?

What I do know is that I do not get the impression He wants me to leave the school or the area. There must be a reason for it, or else I am truly crazy…

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