When I pick up my kids, my son tells me that Heidi tried to break down her boyfriends apartment door. He tells me that Heidi told him that Chris lied to get a break from her, so she went over to break down the door.

My daughter told me that he doesn’t show up to the church group as much anymore. Funny he is starting to avoid her. I find it interesting that Heidi still goes after him, and he still stays with her after all of that shit. Then again, he’s a broke loser, and she can’t be alone because she is a Borderline.

How sad a life they have. Earlier this week I was about to drop out of school because of her. Now I will always remember how bat shit crazy she is. Then again I used to be that guy too. Glad I’m out now!

What a waste of time and energy I have to that psycho? Now I know better. It’s time to stop thinking of her and just pray for her insanity. Hopefully, God will find a way to give me my daughter since she does not like living there.

I guess it is now time to let it all go…

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