Then again I balked on buying a new car today over $500. I have the cash, and the kids like the car, but I need to find a way to make up the funds. It’s more like $1,500, but I need to just let it go. I need a smaller car with better gas mileage and a smaller insurance payment. Besides the kids liked it.

Maybe Monday I will stop by and get it. Just need the pink slip and the other fab to turn in. I’m sure the gas and insurance would make up the difference in a hurry. At least over a year.

I’m still behind on reading since I was depressed about the car. I’m sure I will catch up tomorrow when the kids are at my parents. I’ll go too, just need to bring books to read while I am there. I also need to get some readying done tonight after the USC game.

I’m sure Heidi is watching it as well. Funny how sad she is. The kids tell me that she no longer follows the Chargers, but follows the Redskins. Sad that someone with no personality can change something so quickly for a boy. And he is a boy!

Who would stay with a woman who tried to break into your apartment after church because he didn’t want to see her? A boy who can’t make his ends meet.

Last night I get some strange messages from someone in 3040 trying to figure out what happened with Tague. It’s funny how angry she is because so many were hurt in 3040 by it. I guess there is a reason God withdrew His providence and protection on the group – they don’t worship God. Without faith and belief why would God even care? He didn’t, and even the smart Christians in the group understand the truth can’t say anything. They would be ostracized by them. No one in the island of misfit toys likes a square peg. Then again they all worship people who are adulterers, a woman who faked a pregnancy on me, lies to everyone about our relationship for six months, and I end up the asshole. I gave up a $250k a year job to go to seminary and they love darkness more than light!

Monday will be interesting as I have an interview and a meeting over developing an affinity group for Saddleback in San Diego. I know what they want t propose will fail, so I will have to tactfully help them understand that being married for 40 years does not make you an expert in being single these days.

At least things are moving forward, and Heidi’s insanity gives me pause that I may finally move on with my life regardless of the financial circumstances. Just need a few friends and a some money with the kids and things should be good to go!

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