Last year we adjusted the schedule to full weekends, and she wanted more 1 & 3 weekends to accommodate her boyfriend. Yes the loser who she tried to break into because he wanted to be left alone. The dude who uses my ex for money because he doesn’t have any and she can’t be alone.

So now she is threatening me to go to mediation. She doesn’t get that she does not get to chose. She doesn’t get to own me or control me. I have friends on those weekends and I want to see them. Next year I am proposing to reverse it since the holidays are reversed again. Makes total sense to everyone but Heidi.

She only cares about herself. Not the kids. Not me. Not even her boyfriend unless he leaves her which will happen eventually. She is a monster.

The fact he still stayed with her after all of that shows me he is just into the free sex and money. Total loser. No wonder my kids hate him so much.

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