Heidi still won’t acknowledge the emails or texts. She must be furious with me to now even mention them. It’s like they do not exist. I’m out of Westminster. They were all very kind about things. Good people there!

Still strange that I can’t get a response from the Pastor at Saddleback San Diego. Not sure he even reads my messages on Facebook. It’s the only way I can get a hold of him since I don’t have his contact info. I’m sure it will be a surprise. I still don’t understand how Clay would be responsible for me over Jeff. That seems incongruous with an internship. Then again Clay isn’t going to be implementing a Singles Affinity Group for a while.

I sent Heidi a text about having my daughter stay over a little bit this weekend. I haven’t heard back about that either. Not sure where Heidi’s Head is at. Maybe she just can’t believe that I would leave San Diego? I’m not sure why she would think that. Everything bad that has happened in the last 20 year’s happened down here. It would be nice to be around some friends and away from Heidi’s constant barrage of emails and text about schedule changes.

This weekend I will update my application for Biola and get things started moving in the right direction for selling the house. It would be interesting to see how much I might net out of it. I guess I will have to wait and see.

Still strange to know I will be leaving some friends behind. Then again Joy has ruined a lot of the relationships because I wouldn’t get back together with him. It must be sad to be her boyfriend to know how much energy she spends on me and not him. I know the last time I spoke with him in December he told me he felt she loved me more than him. Can’t understand why anyone would stay in that relationship. Then again she is the best thing he will ever get. I guess the heathens in North Coast Calvary’s 3040 will stay that way until they get rid of Joy and her boyfriend.

If I don’t have my daughter I may go up to Saddleback on Saturday and check out the singles group. I’m sure Jeff will be upset if he hasn’t heard about until the lunch. Then again I don’t see a lot of people being upset with me leaving except my kids and maybe my ex. I think even she knows she needs someone stable in her life and I’m it. It’s obviously not her boyfriend who she tried to kick his door down a couple of weeks ago in front of the kids. That still screams crazy, so why stay with her? I guess she is his problem now.

My job is to continue on this path in Orange County and see if I can make a run for some clients and value up there. If not, it’s down in the trenches for me.

She is still not acknowledging my texts or emails. I know she gets them. She must be denying that I would actually leave. She is one messed up filly.

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