This morning I got the windows tinted on the GTI. It was a bit expensive, but they came to the house. In the afternoon I met with the realtor. He thought listing the house higher than I thought. We shall see if he can come through. It would be a blessing if the house sold for more. There is only one house on the market in our area, and a lot of people families like to live here.

I am also seeing the condo prices in Orange County going down. It would be a double blessing to get more for my place and pay less up there. It would give me a little more for Biola.

I sent in the rest of my application this weekend. It would be great to get in and start this spring. Keep pushing towards the goal. Saddleback told me connect with them again once I got settled in Orange County. I like that. Beautiful gesture from the church.

I took to heart what Rick Warren said this weekend, and started to have faith that God wants to bless me. There are things I need to push His agenda forward, and so I’m getting more serious about my spiritual life, and how I would like to be blessed to give me the resources to continue school, career reboot, and finding the last great love of my life.

I think setting realistic goals for my part, and asking Him to bless me in ways that help keep the lights on is beneficial. It also keeps a lot of the dark self-talk away.

I cannot wait to see how God will bless me in Orange County!

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