I have keep my promises so far. Read the Bible, took some classes, worked out, talked with the realtor’s assistant about the transaction, and did some mindfulness training. Still need a gardener otherwise the house will look really bad in the pictures.

I did not eat healthy today, but worked out for 1.5 hours.

The rest of the day is going smoothly. If the numbers keep going the way they are I should get out at the top of the market in San Diego and buy on the way down in Orange County. The condos seem to be dropping prices lately. I’m sure houses are better suited for off Summer pricing. Besides there is only one other property for sale in my community. I’m not sure I will get everything that the realities thought I could get for the house, but if I get close that should suffice.

He thinks he can get a bidding war going since there isn’t much inventory. I just need to make sure my neighbor does not start the sale process at the same time or we will be fighting with each other over buyers. My house is smaller and would fetch a premium over their place since I have smaller square footage. They would be asking for a higher price then mine because it’s bigger. The price fluctuation could be a problem if they are close to me with only 140 more square feet.

Either way if I get close to the asking price, and this year asking price has been paid almost at 100% I should cover what I need to move out to Orange County without a lot of hassle.

My ex-wife still refuses to acknowledge me leaving even after a bunch of emails and texts. I’m guessing she is just assuming I’m bluffing or she really does need me around and can’t fathom being without me to kick around all the time. I guess that is what her boyfriend Chris is for. She can keep knocking down his door instead of harassing me.

I still keeping thinking that she is avoiding all of this on purpose. Like lying about the affair for so long. I don’t think she wants to believe I will really do it. I know she will hate the drive, but that is life. She made this natural disaster. I’m here to clean up my life and I don’t care if it inconveniences her at all.

The best part is Biola seems to be taking an active interest in my application. Once I get in I can reconnect with Saddleback in Lake Forest and get my internship on track. It would be great to work with the Singles Group, or even under James. Either way I’m sure God will have a hand in this thing and guide my path accordingly.

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