My daughter’s teacher told me Heidi asked for a separate parent-teacher meeting. I’m sure her teacher is going to dislike my response. Not only did I let her know about Heidi’s faked suicides, faked pregnancies, and affairs, but also invited her to read mg blog. I’m sure she won’t.

Women stick together even in face of true evidence. Unfortunately, she is going to hear a mouthful from my daughter tomorrow about Heidi kicking and choking my son. The choking piece was revealed tonight. Thankfully, CPS will get a call from me and my son and daughter have promised to both tell the teachers the truth this time.

All hell is going to break lose soon. Not that I want Heidi to go to jail, but I also don’t want my children abused anymore. There is a point in time where enough is enough. Even if I have to sacrifice my life for these kids, better then watching Heidi kill my son because she can’t handle him. Or worse, having my daughter kidnapped because she wants to run away all the time.

I keep letting my children know that if they tell the truth then God will intervene and help us out and keep us safe. There will be a point in time where the safety of the kids is more important then Heidi’s reputation. I guess today is that day!

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