The lawn guys got here a little later then expected, but they jumped on the work. There is a lot to do since it’s been a while since I did lawn work. The grass in the back yard is six inches high. Not everything is overgrown, but a couple of the thorn bushes with the red flowers went out of control again. So did the vines. At least it’s getting cleaned up.

I don’t know what they will charge me, but I am sure it will be worth it.

The staging guys should be here this afternoon. I’ll also be running to Goodwill several times today to donate old clothes and dog items. We all miss Sydney. It just wasn’t the right dog for me and the kids. Too many snails in the house. I’m still finding them every now and again. Shells under the couch or chair, or under the tv stand. What a strange dog he was, but we all loved him!

The lawn guys left without doing the work. I guess there were some mechanical issues. I think it was more then they could do. He said he would come back this afternoon. Right now I am having lunch and letting the staging people have the house to themselves. I pray God gets the lawn guys over to clean up the place.

I spoke a lot about having the kids tell their teachers about abuse. God cannot help us if we are not telling the truth. God does not aid in unrighteousness. God will intervene when we are honest with others and ask for help. I will see tonight if they did the work or not. I hope so. I don’t want to have to go out and get CPS involved. We shall see.

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