The photos were taken yesterday and the listing just went up. There are a couple of other houses going on the market. One is in the neighborhood next to mine, and it’s bigger. The other one is smaller and listed in my neighborhood. I’m hoping I can still get asking price. The one in the neighborhood is a little smaller, but within the same price range – $25,000 smaller.

I just checked Zillow and it was the #1 property looked at in the area. Over twice the next house in the area, and already a few people have saved it. The photos are nice enough to attract attention which is different from other homes. They seem to know what they are doing.

I have not been able to confirm if the kids told their respective teachers about the abuse. My daughter said she did, but she didn’t check with my son. If they didn’t there is nothing left I can do for them. If they can’t protect themselves, then I can’t keep filing what will eventually be deemed false reports. Eventually I would end up in jail since the kids are not corroborating the story with CPS.

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