Today was her last day. Debbie took care of my son after school. Today’s meltdown destroyed the last bit of hope inside her to be able to protect and help emotionally grow him.

The letter was pleasant but scary at the same time. She was no longer comfortable being in the line of fire. I told Heidi that it was her violence against him that causes a lot of this. She didn’t answer back.

I’mjust praying that God protects my son tonight.

I can see Heidi going off the rails after what happened. Nothing seems to be going her way right now. She can’t get the custody she wants. My son has to stay in after school care, and they are not equipped to handle it. I know things are going to go sideways next week if Heidi is not able to help out enough.

Heidi won’t let me in the house so she will have to take care of everything and she never will. She cares more about her job and money then the kids. That’s what worries me more, that she will never decide that our children are more important than money or her career. She uses the money to feel secure, but that’s not how money works. She uses the money to buy people and things that she doesn’t really need to feel important. That’s not how money works.

Money is a trap that destroys lives because we buy into the falseness of material things when it’s the higher orders that provide spiritual enlightenment and fulfillment.

Heidi is LOST, and will never be found. When she puts my son in an institution everything in her head will die and she will destroy my daughter.

I hope I can save my daughter before she is dead inside too. Only God can save us all now.

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