So I sit here and wonder if the house will sell or not. There isn’t any traffic on the Scheduling App, and Heidi is not responding to questions on custody or drop-off or pick-up places. I think she is hoping I won’t move.

If the house doesn’t sell I’m not sure what I will do. How do I resurrect my life after all of this hell I’ve been through in San Diego? I read and pray and hope God will help out with this need. Then again if it doesn’t sale do I take it as a sign from God to stay? Do I just take it as a sign that there is no longer opportunities for me down here?

If it doesn’t sale I guess I can read everything that I need to read for Westminster and start learning Koine Greek and Ancient Hebrew. Not sure where I would go for the Hebrew, but I have The Great Courses Koine Greek class to get a jump start on it. I guess I could try and develop the language before school starts, and maybe even test out of a few classes. That would save me some money.

I would also need to get a job to help support myself. I’m sure if I get Cicerone Level One test passed I could get a job in the beer industry. What a world I live in.

I hope God will help me sell this place, otherwise having to humble myself for the San Diego Saddleback internship will be really embarrassing. We shall see…

I got emails from Heidi. She is refusing to negotiate on custody. She should be careful as she choked and kicked my son last week. She is playing a game of chicken she can’t win. It may cost me a lot of money, but in the end it may end up saving my children’s future.

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