So far no offers on the house. That makes me worry a little bit. I know everyone thought there would be bidding wars, but without an offer there is nothing to move out of.

I spoke with the Pastor about Katy, the lady at church I’m interested in. He said she had a big heart. I waited for an hour to talk with her, and when she saw me coming over she giggled. Then I asked her if she needed help and she said no. Mixed signals are never a good thing. Besides you can’t ask someone out with a “no” in her head.

When I was walking away I looked back she was just standing there watching me, and then giggled when I looked back. Again mixed signals. I have my kids next weekend so there won’t be a lot of opportunity to connect. Maybe she isn’t used to being asked out a lot? Maybe she isn’t interested? Maybe the signals are crossed?

Maybe it’s been a while since I asked out someone I don’t really know so I could be the problem too? Maybe next week will be a better week or if God is holding back the sale it’s going to be a hard road to navigate.

I just whatever he has in store for me it is a better life then I am currently living.

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