The agent told me to cancel tonight’s appointment. The people coming in this afternoon are a second look, and we currently have four offers in hand and another one coming in. If this meeting ends up with another offer that will be six in total.

The final price should be $20 to $25k higher then the listing price. The listing price was $25k higher then I though it should be listed. These guys are rocking this sale.

That brings up an issue with buying a condo, storing my stuff, and what to do about Katy. I’m not sure why I’m so in to her right now. She is pretty, but not classic. Maybe’s it’s my failure to ask her out that’s the problem? I’ve never had that happen before. Usually I just go for it, and it works out.

Maybe it’s that Jeff said she was a good person with a big heart for God? I really need someone in my life like that. Right now I constantly date the wrong people. Heidi and Joy being the typical failures. I’m not sure I will get another shot with Katy, and if not I understand. I whiffed on the first opportunity…with reason. I am probably regretting it right now.

I’m also wondering what is happening with my employer reference. Lance is usually on top of things, but I have not heard back from him yet. Maybe the email address changed? I would hate to have to go back to the well and try and resurrect something from nothing. I can’t use anyone down here, and I was my own boss for over a decade. If Lance flakes I could be screwed.

I’m still going back and forth with Heidi about custody. She is unwilling to budge. As usual she thinks she can dictate the terms however she wants. The problem will be when she wants to drop them off and there is no one there to pick them up. I’m not trying to punish the kids, but there is an issue with continually being bullied by her. The only way to stop a bully is to let them go through hell for their failures. I’m sure Heidi will not like it when it comes up.

I just talked to my daughter and Heidi told her that she and Chris broke up. Since his Facebook profile is still them together I’m sure it’s not true. Why else would she be fighting for custody where she is does not have the kids the same time he doesn’t have his kids. Another lie that she tells the kids so they can’t transfer information to me. Always stalking me, and always hiding her lies. Strange way to spend a life!

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