The first buyer of my house couldn’t qualify. So we went with buyer number 2. I hope this one doesn’t fall out too. The condo I put an offer on went to someone else. I don’t think my agent got our offer in on time.

So Monday I’m going back to Orange County to look at more condos. Now I’m short three days so there will have to be some storage costs on top of the moving and travel costs. I hope there is some movement on the next condos.

My kids are with me tonight, and Heidi has told the kids I’m not allowed to go to Halloween or my daughters birthday party. Funny we haven’t signed the agreement yet.

My son told me that they broke up because she wants to marry Chris but he doesn’t want to. I know he is only using her for money, and wants the option to cheat. I saw him with another woman a few months ago, but Heidi doesn’t believe me. I know once they get married she would cheat on him as well. It’s her nature to destroy whatever blessings she might get in this life.

At least my kids told their teachers and CPS. God bless small miracles.

Now what to do about Katy. I will probably see her Sunday, but do I am about face or just let it ride with me moving. It would be unfair to start something that would end with a move. Maybe she would be willing to do the drive as well? Who knows. I will let things unfold as I go.

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