It was a pretty decent day today. Lisa from church was really kind to my son today. She had my son help with the baskets, and it made his day. I tried to talk with a few people, but everyone is busy with the one-year anniversary next week.

I saw Katy walking up today and said hi. She waved back. I noticed that she changed her name on Facebook from Katheryn to Katy. Strange for her to change it. Not sure why. It’s not like I can ask. I’m hoping next week I can connect with her, but maybe the opportunity is gone. I know she seemed interested in me a couple of weeks ago, but maybe last week blew the shot. Maybe she just needs little incentive? Maybe I’m just fooling myself?

I think it’s still funny that Heidi wants to marry a guy that knits. He can barely make rent, and she thinks this is the guy for her. I know she can get really controlling. My kids told me that they were the reason he didn’t want to marry her. My sons issues and my daughter hates him which allows her to go off on him when he shows up and she feels he shouldn’t be there.

I wish I could find a condo and move out soon. I’m sure it will take some time. I just hope that I can find something soon. The longer it takes the more expensive it will be to store my stuff. I would hate to be sitting with my parents for a while. We shall see…

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