I went looking again and the condo I put an offer on already a full value cash deal. I am starting to wonder why God is holding me back on all of this. All I want is to get away from Heidi who has become an absolute nightmare. She demands everything and gives nothing. My only hope is that she passes away from anorexia before she marries the douchebag. I would hate for all of my money to go to a guy that can’t even pay his own rent or dates. And he knits…

Katy connected on FaceBook, but I think she is younger than I thought. I don’t think it would work out between us. I like people a little older than what she appears to be. I’m sure if she is as young as I think she would be looking for someone to have kids with. And she is in recovery, probably not healthy for her to see me at so many beer events.

Maybe God has someone in store for me in Orange County? Maybe there is still work to be done in San Diego if I can’t find a place to live up there.

Patience is not my strong suit, and this stress is not healthy.

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