I just signed the new settlement agreement for Heidi. She is in a very destructive mood. I pray God allows me to take my daughter away from that. She wants to live with me, and my son would like to not have her instigating him.

I put in two offers on condos yesterday. I’ve got one in hand (the smaller one), but I like the other one better. It’s next to a park with a pool so we could enjoy that without having to get in the car.

Both are in Orange County southeast. Nice neighborhoods with single people and close to church. It would be nice to find a little work in the area to cover insurance costs and to get Heidi off my back. She has become a monster. My only hope is that she will keep losing weight until there is nothing left of her, or CPS finally does it’s job and gives me the kids. If neither happens by the time my daughter is twelve I won’t have kids. My son will be in an institution and my daughter won’t want to leave North County so she can be with her friends.

Strange as I sit here and eat lunch I ran into Joy. I wasn’t sure it was her, but she kept staring at me. It was only when I heard her voice I knew it was her. She hide her left hand, so if she is engaged she kept it hidden from me. Strange if I were her I would want to show it off, but like my ex-wife hiding things is better.

Histrionics, Borderlines, Narcissists just a bunch of self loathing individuals who destroy everything they touch. Today must be the day I walk away from this San Diego life and start looking toward the future. It may be bleak and unsure, but it will be mine without the insanity of Heidi or Joy.

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