I got the one condo I wanted for less then I thought. It was still more than I was going to spend, but the extra cash from the home sale helped. They are asking for a lot because I am paying cash so it’s been stressful this morning. Plus I have to meet Heidi today at my sons Parent – Teacher Conference.

Heidi is trying to use Talking Parents for my Skype time with my daughter. It doesn’t really work because it’s not instantaneous. She doesn’t really reply. I’m sure she is emotionally distancing herself from me since I am leaving.

The 40 Days of Prayer has been helpful for me at Saddleback. It keeps me focused and positive in a very stressful time.

The PTC was interesting. Heidi refused to talk to me, and I realize how little I know about my sons life. Sad to see how much he loves me but I don’t know him because of Heidi. She doesn’t care. All she cares about is pretending that she didn’t do all the insane shit she did. I’m sure my daughter will be next. I don’t know much about her life either. I keep praying God will give me my daughter to save her. I hope it comes soon before it’s too late.

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