It’s either me and my insanity or I keep seeing Joy in my neighborhood. I saw her running this morning when I was walking with my daughter looking for rabbits. She had her eyes closed as she passed by. The strange part is I though I have seen her several times over the last few weeks here, but with kids that are not hers. Maybe she is a nanny?

Maybe I’m just crazy because I saw her earlier this week and I really need to get moving on the packing.

I got my daughter one-on-one time for a couple of days. So we looked for bunnies this morning and this evening. We saw several of them enjoying breakfast or dinner. My daughter was supposed to go back this afternoon, but she wanted to stay the night. She doesn’t really like her mom, but it’s scary to stand up to an abuser. Especially one that is a lot bigger and meaner than her. That’s why she is 73% in height, and 98% in weight. That’s the problem; when you don’t feel loved you eat your emotions. I know I did. I was 250 three times in my relationship. I’ve been under 200 for almost a 18 months now. I still need to drop the last 20 pounds, but that is something I can work on in Orange County. If I ever get there…

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