My realtor did not disclose that I need to sell this house to come up with the cash to buy the condo. It pissed off the sellers agent. I think things are settled since the person buying my house has cross qualified with two lenders, and almost all of the contingencies are cleared but the funding of the loan.

I obviously need to get to my insurance agency and tell them I’m selling this house and buying a condo in Orange County. I also need to call the movers and get that process started as well as cleaning out the garage and then the upstairs. A lot of the kids stuff with go to my ex’s house since it’s the McMansion I bought her. It still pisses me off that she got it and I didn’t. Something very wrong in the way God handled that with me. Then again sometimes being humbled is the only path to God.

Tomorrow is inspection day at the condo. We will hold it until the very last minute so if there is an issue with my buyer I don’t lose the deposit of $16,000. I can’t afford to lose that and spend the money on storage while I look for another place.

I know God has this all planned out. I just wish it wasn’t so stressful right now!!!

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