The inspection went really well. There are not a lot of issues, and all of the appliances are coming over. The sellers agent was around, but I will not allow her a coy of the report. There is always a strategy in doing things, especially since the offer is incorrect. Then again no one thinks that my buyer will fall out of escrow. If they do I get there deposit which would cover my deposit issue.

If things keep going smoothly I should have the condo all to myself soon. I just need to start packing and removing the stuff I don’t need. This weekend the kids will get rid of a lot of things they can take to Heidi’s house. It’s big enough.

My daughter still wants to live with me. Only God can make that happen right now. It would be nice to have her with me all the time. At least I would know how to raise her properly. No disappearing toys or stolen money.

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