At the end of my daughter’s gymnastics recital she tells me that Heidi got fired and slept in this morning. My daughter said Heidi was going to sell the house. Not sure where she would go since that house is cheaper than an apartment thanks to me. Heidi tells me she is still employed and not selling the house. Difficult to believe a consistent liar, but I’m hoping for the best.

If she lost her job all hell is going to break loose. I know Heidi is volatile, but I also know she is highly accurate. She can find another job somewhere, but if she was fired for being angry and bitter that will get around San Diego and Orange County quickly. She already has a reputation for being a bitch at work. A lot of people wondered why I stayed with her? She wasn’t always that way, but guilt creates a lot of stress in the mind and that comes out in nefarious ways. It always leaks out sideways and never straight forward.

Then again she always gets a day off after quarter close, and we have an appointment with my sons psychiatrist today. My daughter may have misread the signs, or Heidi is lying to me on Talking Parents. If it’s the later that is a bad sign since these can be considered court documents. What a way to go out?

In the end I hope she is still employed. If not, I could see her trying to take the kids out of state or killing herself. The second would be a blessing and a curse for the kids. She is abusive to everyone around her and being free of it would be helpful, but losing your mom to suicide stays with you forever.

Either way I have to keep moving toward my target and not let that hell create drama for me. In the end everything happens for our benefit once we learn to grow from it.

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