The sad part of church’s fall fest was the kids didn’t get the costumes from Heidi. Just another fuck you to me. In the end it just hurts the kids. Then again I’m now informing her that the current calendar is incorrect with the new stipulation. She thinks that I get the kids two weeks straight so she can have the entire time off with Chris.

That’s not the way it works. Even if I am alone on New Years Eve it’s better then nothing. At least I can study and work out. The funny thing is she continues to assume the calendar we have still works. She won’t update it because it benefits her. The truth is it won’t soon. When she changes it she will see she doesn’t get want she originally thought.

This will piss her off to no end. She doesn’t see things clearly, and if she decides to go to court I don’t think things will work that well for her. The courts don’t like it when people are constantly changing their minds for their own benefit. Then again a lot of the physical abuse will be documented and will be brought into court. That will be the end of her!

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