I went out with other single parents who didn’t have there kids. It sucked not being able to see the kids, but what do you expect from a Borderline who hates herself more than the world. She’ll be dead soon with all of the anorexia and abuse of the children. I doubt she will make it two years this way.

She thinks she is getting what she wants, but everyone who knows her knows she will destroy every relationship she is in. She can’t help it. She cheats on everyone eventually. It’s just her way. Mean, destructive, and violent is just how she handles the world. And she wonders why everyone at work hates her?

She is a ball buster and most people below her dislike her immensely. Funny to hear the kids talk so much about her lying to them. How sad is it that a mom has to constantly lie to her children for no reason other than she hates the kids too…

One day she will look in the mirror and realize she is not forgiven. Not loved. Not appreciated. Just rich in wealth but poor in spirit.

My dad thinks the move will be healthy for me. I’m sure it will be. It will be nice to be at a distance away from that psychopath. She thinks she is winning, but her quilt will continue to destroy her from the inside out. I’m sure she will continue to hate herself everyone Monday when she realizes that Chris uses her for money, and she uses the kids to not be alone, and each week she will eat less because she really wants to die. She hates herself so much that death is better than life. Her brother cheated on his wife and he has gained 70 pounds since then. And he thinks he looks good in a beard.

All I want is to get my new life started. Find a position in the church, and a nice woman to marry, and the ability to keep my kids safe from that monster. We shall see what God has in store for me.

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