I’m getting closer to getting everything packed. I have the big tv, a couple of bathrooms and a couple of boxes for my closets. After that it is just the kitchen which should take two days.

I hate eating out all the time, but there is not a lot of options when you have to throw everything out in a week. There is a four day split between move out and move in so there isn’t much I can do. Even the condiments will be throw out as well.

I wrote Matt Tague again today. I know why I do it, I just don’t know if he reads it. This is what I am supposed to do since he is locked away. It’s always the same email. Sport scores, bible verse on hope or faith, and then a statement that I am praying for him and his family. I also pray for the victim. It’s a hard road for her. I’ve seen a lot of instances where sexual assault destroys lives. There is Heidi, who was raped. Several in 3040 with abuse, molestation, or incest issues. That’s why the group is so messed up. Nobody ever heals in there.

North Coast Calvary should scrap the whole group and start over next fall as a group instead of a ministry for “everyone.” Maybe is it we’re just for Singles the adultery would disappear, but I know 3040 would rebel against it. They hate anything that will change the social dynamic of the group. It would healthier to get rid of the old regime and start fresh with outsiders who were not tainted. Unfortunately, I’m sure that is not NCCC or Mark Foreman’s desire. The just keep pushing ahead instead of taking a moment and wondering why there is such spiritual warfare going on in 3040, and at a loss.

By Wednesday I should be fully packed and ready for anything. I just need the payoff amounts to make things works. It will be a journey, but I know I’m not alone. My Father’s Spirit is always with me guiding me through this jungle.

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