Today at church I felt compelled to pray for Joy. The women I was planning on marrying in 2015. I didn’t expect her to respond it she did. Obviously, she thought I was her fiancé now because she asked. I told her it was me and that if she didn’t want me to contact her I wouldn’t.

She responded with thanks and appreciation for the prayers. I find it amazing that when we are called to pray for someone His Spirit knows it’s the right time and place. Joy is in a hard position with her fiancé. She seems heartbroken, it I’m not sure it will work itself out. I understand he is still married. There will be a time when things change, but hopefully God will work his miracles in both their lives and create harmony between them or break them apart permanently. I know this is the third or fourth time they have broken up this year.

I hope for her sake that she dumps him permanently and finds a more suitable man. She is pretty and he is not. It’s strange to see them together. I hope it works out for both of them no matter how it ends.

It sounds like I may need a Master’s of Divinity at Saddleback. James doesn’t think so, but it sounds like it may be something I need. There is a Fuller Seminary in Irvine so I may go there or fully online, but I like the idea of people around. Orange County is a small community and the networking would be helpful.

He shall guide me in the right direction!

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