Whatever insomnia that is running back into my life has a lot to do with the move. Joy texted back, but thought I was her fiancé. I’m guessing she wiped his contact info from her phone. After 18 months he is still legally married. Joy wants another kid but at 39 she will be hard pressed to find another sucker. She does not treat people well. She lies all the time, and as a histrionic she can’t help but have an emotionally unstable relationship with everyone.

I feel bad for her sometimes. I know she can’t help it, and she does have a lot of positive qualities. However, pretending to be a Christian and in a long-term adulterous relationship seems a bit hypocritical. She always tells people you can’t judge me I’m a Christian. Not exactly true right now. We all make mistakes, but adultery is a top 10. Besides her husband cheated on her and she does the same thing. You would think she would learn, but it’s not a histrionics way.

For me I wonder why every where I turn I get screwed. My realtor threw in my washer and dryer with this house. Glad I got crappy ones in the condo. I just can’t understand why everyone is so greedy. I have very little and all I want is a new iPhone where the battery works and isn’t broken. I can’t even trade it in anymore.

Something has to give soon or it will be off to Texas for a cheap life. No woman in my life, no job, barely a condo where my furniture won’t fit, and no real life. I hope something comes soon or otherwise it’s going to be a very lonely world for me.

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