The hard work is done. The money is paid in to the escrow accounts, and now it’s just time to move everything. It’s gonna be hard living with my parents for four days. They eat unhealthy and do not exercise much. Besides the bed is half the size of mine – not that I sleep on it much. I mostly sleep on the couch.

The new place is smaller, but I will most likely have to sleep in my room. There is an issue with couch sizes in the tiny living room. I may need to get a new tv just to put one on the wall in the living room. Then I can put the other one in my room and things would be easier.

Once I get settled I can start to put in my application to Fuller Seminary, and get my internship at Saddleback resurrected. I just need to avoid telling Heidi. Then again she is constantly reading this blog because she has nothing better to do then get into my business. So sad that she has to constantly be in my business. Funny my daughter hates her for taking away me on her birthday. Heidi will eventually regret everything she has done in her life, and I’m sure God will get me through this transition.

My kids are going to wonder what happened to everything. It’s all in the garage. They will have to survive on Hulu and Netflix for the weekend, as well as a little dinner for my daughter’s birthday on Sunday. I do hate separate parties.

I know this will eventually create a reality where my kids will no longer want to visit me. It’s a long drive and all of their friends will be down in La Costa. They won’t want to visit me in a few years. Hard to come to term with it, but it’s what Heidi wants to do to destroy all of the truth she is trying to bury. The hardest part is knowing that her guilt will eventually eat her from the inside out so that in a couple of years she will be emaciated and probably be dead. Once the relationship with Chris dies it will all go down hill faster. Maybe it’s for the best? Evil never dies so I expect she will fight until the end because she truly is the epitome of vile and evil.

At least the truth will eventually come out and things will be freer for me in Orange County away from her.

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