Picking up my kids last night I saw Heidi and she was looking thin. Too thin. Even my kids told me that she has been losing more weight. I don’t think it’s a healthy weight. She is looking more and more anorexic.

I’m really starting to think that there may be a serious issue soon. She seems to be deteriorating at a fast pace, and that is dangerous for the kids. The closer she gets to becoming weak, the more she will go after the kids for control. Control means abuse for the kids, and there is a danger that she may not be around for another year or two.

For me that means the kids will be mine, and a little safer. At the same time it means that I will end up having to give up my Pastor opportunities to take care of the kids unless something gives way. Either way I know that God will provide and protect us in a way that may be supernatural. At the same time things will be a little more dangerous for me and if I remarry for future wife.

What I do know is that prayer and conversations with my Father have been going better than expected. The Spirit asked me to send Joy a Bible quote this morning. It took her a while but she responded with emojis. I know it can’t be easy for her, but I hope whatever God has in store for her that maybe my Father can use me to help her with her issues. Maybe get her on the right track and away from the wrong attitude and wrong people?

Either way I will continue to pray for people in 3040, and my children and continue to ask for guidance as I am a little lost thinking about what the future will hold for me and my kids. Only my Father knows…

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