Strange to walk through the condo and realize that it’s still not completely vacant. There is still a lot of things on the walls, and the kitchen and garage are not cleared. It can be frustrating that things are not out yet. I know my loan funded today so they will have the cash tomorrow.

My realtor still does not have the file to audit it. If there is an issue there may be a lawsuit. It shouldn’t be a lot of money, but I wonder why the escrow company in Orange County can’t get things together. There is a lot of money on the line, and I am still wondering why they are stalling. If there is an issue with getting in there on Friday there will be lawsuits all over the place. I’m going it won’t come to that, but things will fall into place in the next two days.

I got there earlier today and started walking around. There are a lot of cute little fairy homes on the path down to the other park. My daughter will love it. There are a lot of younger moms in the area, so I may end up spending a lot of time at church in order to meet people like me. Single parents…

Let’s hope things go smoothly and there are no other issues to deal with. Hopefully, God will make the transition smooth for me, and help me with my internship and Fuller Seminary.

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