I got the remainder of the utilities set-up today. The only one that has to come out is AT&T which needs to set up the internet and cable. It’s a good deal as compared to Cox, and should give me what I need for the kids without a tremendous expense. The last thing I need to do is change all of the addresses at my credit cards, DMV, and Voter Registration.

Other than that everything should be ready to go on Friday. Assuming the escrow agents and the sellers get everything out of the condo.

I signed up for the Saddleback Thanksgiving picnic and flag football. I chose the friendly game. At my age I don’t want to get to competitive just starting out. At least with this Singles group I won’t have issues with ex-girlfriends trashing my reputation because I wouldn’t get together with Joy. At least she is appreciative of the prayer. I know she is still stuck on her married ex-boyfriend. I find is funny how much North Coast Calvary Chapel 3040 is so clueless to how they contribute to the situation they are in. They seem like they don’t have an idea why it is all crumbling down around them. Then again most of them are hypocrites not actual Christians. They do as they please and wonder why God does not intervene.

God doesn’t involve himself in unrighteousness or unholiness. It’s not his way.

In the end it will be a struggle, but learning to reinvent myself after losing everything will be a heathy reality. It won’t be easy, but it will be valuable. Hopefully, God has a wonderful women out there for me…

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