The condo isn’t as clean as I would expect. The buyers of my house are complaining that the house wasn’t clean enough, and the garbage disposal is broken. I’m guessing that’s why I paid for the insurance on the house. I was charged twice for HOA, but I’m not asking for a refund. I think the buyers overspent, and now they are regretting it. That’s life. I know I’m in the same position.

At least I have a few opportunities and some cash coming to me for a while. That will last me two years, and with some penny pinching maybe a little longer. That should be enough time to get my life together again up here. Or in the interim to allow Heidi to pass from her anorexia. Then my kids will be with me and safe. I know it will be hard for the kids to lose their mom, but at the same time how much abuse can a child take before they lose it?

For me, I have to look at this as a fresh start. I can be a CPA again, or sell beer, or be a Pastor somewhere. I get to be free to do whatever my heart tells me. For me I still think that going to get an internship at Saddleback and see where God leads me. It would be nice not to starve and give use of my life to the Lord.

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