So I went to the Singles Group on Saturday and ran into Patrick. He’s the guy that allowed an adulterous couple to take over North Coast Calvary Chapel’s 3040 group, and basically kick me out. What kind of guy throws me away and then literally sat next to me all night? Later I blocked him on FaceBook. I don’t understand people who are so inauthentic. He lies to my face and pretends to be nice. I know this is just a learning opportunity for me. To handle the hypocrites and still be happy in my faith without it getting to me.

I texted Joy again this morning, and she said it is over between her and her ex-boyfriend. I’m invited her to connect sometime; I don’t think anything will come of it. We shall see. There is still a part of me that likes her, and a part of me is afraid of more turmoil if I’m around her. Besides I’m in Orange County and she is in San Diego. I also wished her and her daughter well. Either way I know my Father is looking out for me.

The Pastor in San Diego is leaving to go to Palm Springs and planting another church out there. I asked him to give me a good recommendation for me with the Manager of interns, and he said he would. I hope so. I will like to start my new life sooner than later, but is all in God’s timing.

Later today I get my kids. Unfortunately, I have nothing in the house for them. It’s going to be an expensive trip to the store. I still need condiments, drinks, and breakfast, lunch, dinner needs. I guess it’s time to start. I just wish that I had more time to get the house in order for the kids. At least I have cable and internet. Otherwise life would suck for all of us.

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