Joy wanted to get together for a walk instead of drinks. She now has boundaries and doesn’t want to cross them. She told me she just got out of a long-term relationship and doesn’t want another one anytime soon. So why start something up with me?

Right – histrionic and can’t be alone. Plus I’m a nice guy who prayed for her and I’m not married like her last boyfriend who is shorter, fatter, less smart, and loves handlebar mustaches. So why tell me she doesn’t want a relationship, but still wants to meet a guy who she has dated six months and talked about marrying?

Right – she can’t be alone. This is a game for her. She gets to date other guys (probably online), and play with me to see where it goes? Why do I do this? I must like drama still. She told me she wanted to marry me and have my kid, then dumped me via text a month later. Tried to get back together with me four months after that without saying she was sorry. Then went into an adulterous relationship and severed all my friendships in 3040.

It came to me last night that it’s time to sever the connection. She blocked me on FaceBook for her ex-boyfriend. I’m guessing it is over for her with “me in the picture.” If I cancel I’m sure she would run back to him. Cluster B’s can’t be alone, and it’s safe with me in the picture. I just don’t know how to do it? Should I be kind, or hammer her on all the shit she has done to me. Vengeance says hammer her, the other part of me says be nice and walk away.

The sad part is I don’t want to wait. I have things in this new life I need to start moving forward with. I can not be holding on to the past and moving forward in my future. Joy was a mistake for me, and although not for her I’m tired of the drama. Is there a drama free women in this world? I don’t know but I shall see.

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