I find it funny. She is to scared to be around me in her position. I have no interest in dating her, but she is to vulnerable to be around me. She is a nut job. Just glad I didn’t have to put a bullet in her. As usual she fucks things up first. Typical histrionic; always destroying things before they are built. I’m guessing she is getting back with her married boyfriend. She still loves him and needs him because she is in 3040 and she is too scared to change groups.

That’s standard for Cluster B’s. Any new group and they end up in bed with too many people to try and make friends. I even texted her that it was no worries, but I hope she isn’t getting back together with him. I have a friend who will let me know if they got back together or not. She doesn’t like either of them much. She knows they are not good people.

It is amazing how God can harden people’s hearts for my protection. I am hoping that God will find a way to send Patrick packing back down to San Diego. It would great if he wasn’t around much at Saddleback. Either way it’s a learning opportunity for me to handle people who are unhealthy for me and to navigate those waters.

I sent Tague another message and to have a Happy Thanksgiving. I also told him that if NCCC needed some ideas on how to fix it us could contact me. I doubt Tague will pass it along. I’m sure he hates the idea of me being part of the solution and not the problem.

I’ll probably send Buz and email as well and see what happens. I would hate to see my friends lose their group, but it does beed quite an overhaul so there is less adultery and more sanctification. We shall see if he bites. I doubt it, the church seems to think they know what’s going on, but the spiritual warfare going on should give them pause to consider.

We shall see…

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