It was long week this week. I enjoy the kids, but I’ve gotten so used to the silence in the house that the kids are a constant distraction from my peace of mind. This weekend the kids and I went to Saddleback Rancho. We may go to Saddleback Aliso next week, but they really liked the pond and park and free donuts there. It’s not a big single group, but that’s ok. I can meet people on my own on Saturdays.

Besides the next two weeks will be a whirlwind. I’m hoping to get my theological interview at Saddleback and hopefully I can help with 3040 with some advice. Then again they most likely will not implement a lot of them. North Coast Calvary Chapel does like the insanity of 3040, and 4050. There are some serious issues with the adultery, and fornication from the leaders of the group. That’s the issue with the group. They do not follow the precepts of their faith.

At least tomorrow I can get into a rhythm on exercise, reading the Word, and getting back into studying. I have some calls to make tomorrow regarding the utilities, and 401(k)’s. That should help a lot on expenses and helping to clean up the garage so I can park the car in there a little easier. That should help a lot for me.

Next time I’m in North County San Diego I will get my car waxed. It’s cheaper down there then up here in Orange County. Besides it will give me an excuse to get down there earlier and make my car shiny for Wine Club on Friday. I’m hoping Joy got back together with her married boyfriend so she won’t be there. If she hasn’t there is a chance she will be there. She doesn’t have her daughter that weekend.

Besides, I now have a checklist of things I need to do every day to get myself moving in the right direction. The value is keeping me getting up early and moving towards my goals. That’s important to me so I can keep moving forward.

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