Heidi doesn’t like that the new stipulation does not anticipate the issues properly. As is typical of a Borderline she is fighting tooth and nail to get what she wants. She is having her attorney call me to discuss. I’m pretty sure he will not be pleased with my response. Last time we spike he argued the exact opposite position. Plus I have the kids nine days versus Heidi has them six which is not consistent with the MSA.

I know she wants what she wants, but sending me my son with a black eye last week does not make me amicable to this situation. She treats me and my children poorly and wonders why everyone hates her so much. She is the cause of all of the issues. She hates herself and therefore treats everyone else around her inappropriately.

I’m still laughing at all of the issues with this. The Stipulation delineates alternating weekends not first and third weekends. The MSA states we split the winter break 50/50 with me getting the first week and Heidi getting the second week. The second week includes a weekend, not just the weekdays. I’m sure she has something to do on the weekend and can’t get her money back. I guess she will have to cancel it because I am not legally required to pick up the kids according to the MSA.

I’m sure the attorney will walk around the issue, but in the end, Heidi is the person creating all the drama. At least the attorney gets paid. I get all the hassle. She will be missed when I block her calls and texts and provide the MSA exhibit detailing that I have no right to the kids that weekend.

Her attorney agreed with me on most everything. Still going back to 1st and 3rds, but I don’t have to pick them up the second weekend. She is still pissed about it. She is going to call the attorney again. What a waste of money on her part?

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