I am sitting here back in Carlsbad eating breakfast at McDonald’s. I am wondering what the meeting with Buz at North Coast Calvary Chapel will be like. Will he be receptive? Will he be defensive since he is friends with Matt Tague? Will we be the only two there?

We are meeting at the Cafe like always. I find it funny how they use the cafe as their personal meeting room. I know they all have offices. There is a big building with them. However, the cafe is always the meeting place. Probably a good choice since you never know who you are meeting with at the time.

Matt always met me there. I am sure he didn’t want me in his office. Too much to review and see there. Then again I was one of the few who could read that he had no heart for God. I am also one of the few 3040 people that still right to him even though I never liked him. I am sure he felt the same way.

So I sit here and wonder. What will the meeting be like? How will things go? Will Buz ask me to lead? Will he take over the conversation? Will it be mutually beneficial or just me spouting ideas with no real value to 3040? I don’t know yet but in an hour I will know.

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