Buz was a really nice guy. We talked a lot about my background and his. Plus some of the things he is doing at North Coast Calvary Chapel. Matt Tague seems to be getting a deal after a lot of psychology tests and background work.

I told him a few of my ideas, and he seemed impressed by them. I know the church is having trouble getting anyone to oversee the group. The reputation is horrible for 3040. There is a lot of drama in the group, as well as adultery, fornication, and liars. It is a very wicked group of people. I do hope that the they find a good person to lead the group and get it going on the right path again.

I’ve gotten an interview with a national firm in Irvine. I hope that I get the opportunity to interview on site. It would be great to get back into the world again. Maybe find a wife and still use my mission to help others as well. It would be great to get plugged in again.

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