The phone interview went well. The recruiter at the firm told me she would pass along my resume to the team. It would be nice to get connected again. Right now I feel lost in Orange County. It’s almost as if I screwed things up in my life by moving here. I hope God can help me fix my mistake. Otherwise I may starve to death in Orange County – never to find love, or peace, or hope.

I can’t seem to get my mind off the truth. In this world evil prospers and the nice people suffer. I know Jesus said it would be this way, but it would be nice to not starve to death up here. It would nice not to be destroyed by my ex-wife who does not seem to care about all of the horrors she has committed, or all the abuse she gives to the kids. I pray my Father can help us out of all of this otherwise we will all suffer for this life.

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