I was supposed to go to the church Christmas Party (Singles group). I’m just too tired after everything. Neo-nazis on the freeway. Fighting with my dad because he is starting to lose his hearing and mind.

I made a CPK pizza and am watching an Australian tv series about people coming back from the dead called Glitch. It’s seems pretty interesting so far. Early dead and really late departed. The interesting thing seems that everyone healed from why ty died, but remembering it creates the death?

I should go to the church party, but I’m too exhausted to care. Besides no one wants a downer in the middle of a party. If my parents get here early enough I can take the kids and see the sermon. They will enjoy the free donut.

If Joy shows up at least I won’t be there to deal with it. She can just meet other guys and find another sucker. I’m tired of her nonsense. She dumps me via text after telling me she wants to marry me, and spends the last year and a half destroying all my relationships in 3040. She can find another loser who’s married to fuck. I don’t need that shit anymore.

At least tomorrow I can be free. The kids will go back to mom and I can start my new life. On Thursday God reminded me that I needed to be at Westminster Seminary not up here in Orange County. He suggested a motorcycle for the commute when it’s not raining. Cheap gas and an easy commute with a metal backpack.

I just need to read the books and learn the languages before I start so I can get a jump on things.

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