I think I must be addicted to caffeine. The more I take the more I sleep. I don’t think that is natural. I’m trying to get some reading done for school so I can get ahead of the game, but its hard to do when you are always tired.

I think I need to kick the habit. I know in a couple of days I will be out of caffeinated drinks and will have massive withdrawals. I think that will be the healthiest plan of all – quit cold turkey.

At least it will save me money and help the dentist costs. Fewer issues with rotting teeth.

All day I keep thinking am I on the right track? Should I really be going to Seminary? Is this the healthiest thing to do? I may starve to death with this idea. Will it turn out the way I want? Will I survive or just starve to death on the street?

I have no idea. At the same time, I don’t have a lot of time or opportunity anymore. Most of that is gone in the past. There is not a lot of love interests available to a man my age going back to school to be a pastor. I hear it all the time. I guess this world really isn’t for me anymore.

I just hope not to starve to death in front of my kids.

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