It’s been a long boring week. Not feeling well, and not exercising are not heathy traits that I need to instill in myself. Tonight I will go through a goal setting workshop. It takes a couple of hours and will help me get my head straight. I can’t stop missing the point unless I fail to move forward in life. Even if that life is not as financially rewarding as it used to be.

At least having some goals in mind for health, school, and financial needs will be beneficial. I also order most of my kids Christmas presents today. Sadly, they are getting to that age of wanting really expensive things. Things that I can no longer afford to buy them.

Hopefully, their mother will get them the more expensive things. My daughter keeps talking about all the presents she is buying them. I think part of it is guilt for the abuse, and part of her trying to buy their love. I know for my son that isn’t going to happen. He hates her. My daughter on the other hand, can be bought with presents. Hopefully, she will get what she desires, since I am not financially able to do so.

I am also hoping that somewhere down the line my Father will help with the bills. It would be nice to date and not worry so much about the money. If you don’t have money at this age you don’t get to play the game anymore. Oh well. Maybe in the next life!

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