My son threw up all over the place yesterday. I know he felt bad. Kids on the spectrum are not always able to process emotions completely. Thankfully we were able to get the D batteries needed for his Christmas toy. He loves it right now.

We also built some legos and I opened a ton of Monster High School toys for my daughter. I’m trying to get her to read more. She is behind grade level (1st grade). It’s hard to get her to concentrate. She is very smart, but seems to have problems reading. She is great in a lot of other things, but I don’t want her to flunk first grade and get left behind her friends.

I got the Amazon Rapids app. She seems happy with it, but does not use it as much as I would like. We will do some night reading every night so that I make sure she uses it. Thirty dollars for a one year app is a lot for an unemployed guy. But it’s for my kids. I guess I will starve to death unless there is an intervention soon.

Saddleback San Diego is going to look into an internship again. We shall see if things move forward or I will have to find new places to intern. Otherwise the M Div is worthless. I hope God can move hearts and minds for me when I need it!

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