I sit here outside Matt’s courtroom with a lot of other people. It’s plea bargaining day today and the court is lined with people looking to make a deal. I know Matt is on the docket as the Sheriff stated he was here. There are a couple of other 3040 people here. I recognize one from Facebook but I’ve never met her. The other is her friend and I’m winding if she is part of the tribe or not

Either way, today is plea deal day and going back to Westminster Seminary with my tail between my legs asking to go back. I know it’s the right thing to do, but how embarrassing to have to deal with it again. Hopefully they will all be pleasant about it. I like 3040 which is a group of hypocrites pretending to be Christians. Joy trying to get back together with my last month. The tribe putting an adulterous could in the center of a ministry. Throwing me away like trash because unlike Joy or Rob I won’t grow my children away to party with them. Still seven months in and no Pastor.

NC3 isn’t even looking anymore. Buzz and Kelly are not here. They must already know what’s happening so there is no need. I guess I will know soon if they open the court room up for us to go in.

The other 3040 people keep looking at me. Like I’m not supposed to be here. However, since is still write to Matt and spend time with the ministry I’m more inclined to be here then them. I don’t know them, but if they are like the rest of the tribe then they must be a little off from their faith as well.

Angry, bitter people who have made a mess of their lives. I have too. At least I feel I’m using what is left in service to others. While 3040 just parties and does whatever it pleases. Such a sad state of affairs for the group. No one seems to understand that it’s the congregations reputation that is preventing a new Pastor in San Diego from coming in. It’s not Tague’s reputation. But you cannot tell Pharisees that truth.

The funny thing in being outside a court for so long is you get a real image of most people in America. Not the wealthy, but the struggling. It’s interesting to listen to people negotiate their deals, play mind games on themselves and others, and miss the point of life. It’s not a scam it’s reality. Then again some people are so messed up they have no idea where they are in life.

Westminster was kind enough for me. They got me enrolled and changed my departure to a leave of absence. That was pretty nice of them. They were happy to have me back. Thank God for small miracles.

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