I find her to be so funny. Heidi tells me the kids want to spend more time with me over the presidential holiday. I know the truth is that Heidi wants to go out of town with Chris. She wants a free babysitter. I sent her a message telling her to pay me more for the time. I’m sure she will get her brother to take care of it for free.

He’s a fat loser who cheated on his wife. That whole family cheats. Her dad cheated on her mom. Her mom had a retaliatory affair. Heidi cheats on me. Mike cheats on his wife. I just hope the baby sister doesn’t cheat as well. Probably not she has daddy issues.

I don’t think she will bite on the money. I’m sure she will blame me for issues with her travels by telling the kids that I asked for more money. Tonight I will have to let the kids know that she is doing it so she can travel with her boyfriend. A guy who knits and cheats on her. He is such a douche and she is clueless to why.

As long as she is not alone.

Hopefully she will exercise herself to death this year and the world will be rid of a little bit of evil.

One thought on “1/22/18 – Heidi Wants Me To Babysit for Her and Chris

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