I get this email today from Jennifer about wine club. How it’s the 3040 tribe, and I’m making stuff in my head. Balboa trip included Joy so why lie about it?

I always find it strange that people often project blame when the tribe is rotten. They support adultery, fornication, lies and deception. Eight months and the 5th largest church in San Diego can’t get a Pastor to replace Tague. 3040 thinks I’m the problem. With all the drama of the group, they should be more concerned with the reputation of the group instead of talking about me.

The inward focus is difficult for people. It makes you analyzer your own beliefs and see where you stack up against them. 3040 does not seem to understand that San Diego has already judged them as not Christian. The tribe insists it is Tague’s reputation. I know they are wrong.

At least I can be free from the drama now. Knowing they have no discernment or wisdom in the group. If they did they would have kicked out the adulterers and kept good men in the group. Instead they have boys and girls who are not quite healthy. A lot of sexual abuse in the group, and few people healing from it.

Finally glad to be out. Now I can focus on other things. Including school starting next week.

8 thoughts on “2/2/18 – Email From Jennifer

  1. My former spouse / father of my 4 kids filed for divorce from me after I had a melt down post 9/11. I wasn’t myself, I was suffering from PTSD/bi-polar with severe clinical depression. I was misdiagnosed more than once. One psychologist even thought I had disassociative disorder but that was due to medicine changes. I felt he (spouse) wasn’t there for me and he totally gaslamped me into believing I needed hospitalization.

    In the hospital he brought me a “quit claim” to our home. I didn’t even know I signed one till court….

    I lost everyone I loved in my divorce… I will never fully recover from the pain of alienation, the shame of running away, or the inability to prove the many lies my kids now believe are just that, lies.

    I have been in situations where people around me were negative influences, or just made me uncomfortable in their values. I leave them alone, to protect my life.

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  2. I moved out in 2014 and the divorce was final in 2015. A lot has happened in San Diego, but now I just mostly wrote about my crazy life. If you read the stuff from 2014 you will see some insane things. Most of it is over now, but my ex still has her issues.

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  3. 3040 was a singles ministry until their Pastor was jailed for pedophilia. The group hasn’t had a Pastor in nine months because the San Diego community deems they are not Christians.

    As for your comment, isn’t it ripe with judgement about me?

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  4. I can’t understand why this post is on here? What is 3040?
    You are a part of a church in San Diego?
    Someone (maybe a pastor) had an affair?
    S/He was ostracized? Or you are calling for them to be removed?

    What I believe is that people have to live by what they believe. As a church going person, I am going to make the assumption that you are in a Christian church. I’m also going to assume that you have read your bible. Armed with two assumptions I must ask you if you think Jesus would have picked up a stone when he came upon a person who was an adulterer?
    Also would he want you to judge the other people or would he honor the person who when faced with hipocracy, identified the offending acts and then prayed for those on the wrong path, finally moving on to a new place of worship in which the attendees were going on the righteous path?


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