It is strange to see old friends again at WSC. The apartment buildings are going up fast and they are taking orders for housing already. A few of the people were really pleased to see me. It sounds like the rumor mill has gotten the action correctly. I will need to spend more time on campus for the prayer groups and speaking engagements.

Heidi still hasn’t gotten back to me about my stuff or the money she owes me for the dresser she kept for my daughter. As usual she only cares about the money. She sent me an invitation for a bday party for my daughter. She told me to work it out with my daughter.

Heidi doesn’t want to give up her weekends with Chris so she is leaving me alone with the kids. I don’t find fault in it, but she should be giving me my stuff back after four years.

I got word back from Saddleback San Diego. I think I’m pushing too much so they are saying goodbye. I find it funny that they are unwilling to build a singles affinity group when so many people are desperate for it. I guess that’s what happens when all of the pastors are married.

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